Mini Excavators for your earthmoving requirements

Our mini excavators range from 1 tonne to 4.5 tonne

If you have an excavation or earthmoving job planned that does not require massive machinery, why not hire a mini excavator from us.

Options range from our 1 tonne mini excavator up to the slightly larger and stronger 4.5 tonne mini excavator units. Whether you need to dig a trench in your backyard or need equipment for those smaller mining jobs, we have a suitable excavator for you.

All our excavators are late model units and are in excellent condition. Their compact size makes them easy to operate and they can fit in small and difficult to access areas. Talk to us first, we will recommend the right equipment for the right job. We also stock a range of attachments including rock breakers, augers and block lifters.

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  • 1.0t Exc

    1.0 Tonne

    Maximum dig depth: See specs Lift Capacity: See specs Overall Width: See specs Overall Height: See...
  • TakeuchiForklift_1.5T

    1.5 Tonne

    Maximum dig depth: 2.17 m Lift Capacity: 1 510 kg Overall Width: 1.30 m Overall Height: 2.26...
  • TB135excavator

    3.5 Tonne

    Maximum dig depth: 3.63 m Lift Capacity: 3 390 kg Overall Width: 1.63 m Overall Height: 2.45...
  • Takeuchi4.5T

    4.5 Tonne

    Maximum dig depth: 3.5 m Lift Capacity: 4 200 kg Overall Width: 1.70 kg Overall Height: 2.50...