Skid Steer Loaders / Positracks

For interior & outdoor lifting and moving requirements

As excavation and earth moving specialists, we offer a range of Skid steer loaders and positracks for hire to suit all conditions and terrains.

Our Skid steer loaders come with a range of lifting capabilities from 320kg to 600kg, and are compact and easy to handle.

The positracks enjoy a number of advantages over the Skid steer loader, including excellent traction, a suspended undercarriage, and wide tracks, which allow them to handle the harshest of terrains. These are also easy to operate with joystick controls and a comfortable operator’s cabin.

There are also a variety of attachments for those unexpected jobs that require something extra to execute each unique job effectively.

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  • 4SDK5


    Weight: 1 120 kg Lift Capacity: 320 kg Overall Width: 900 mm Overall Height: 1825 mm Maximum...
  • 4SDK5


    Weight: 1 650 kg Lift Capacity: 430 kg Overall Width: 1230 mm Overall Height: 1840 mm Maximum...
  • 4SDK8


    Weight: 2 310 kg Lift Capacity: 600 kg Overall Width: 1520 mm Overall Height: 1925 mm Maximum...
  • ASV-RC30

    Positrack RC30

    Weight: 1 500 kg Lift Capacity: 726 kg Overall Width: 1180 mm Overall Height: 1800 mm Maximum...